Driven by passion

At Tier5, we are driven by passion to provide the finest quality of software to our
esteemed customers. Your success is our satisfaction.

The company

Tier5 is considered to be the first ever community owned and operated software development firm. We specialize in making innovative, beautiful and user-friendly products that enable the business owners to attain more clients and grow their business simultaneously.

Tier5 started its journey way back in January 2016. In a short span of time, Tier5 is serving more than 7000 customers globally with a higher growth rate. We’re headquartered in Indiana, USA with an additional office in Kolkata, India.

Our mission is to unlock the true potential of the modern technology, which will simplify our customers’ interaction with their clients, helping them to deliver quality services in a more productive manner – whenever and wherever they are required. We are determined to be one of the world’s top SaaS companies, with a leadership position in the global market.

Every company is incomplete without its employees and Tier5 is no exception. Our team is our real strength and we look forward to them to take Tier5 to its desired and deserved level of success in the global arena. Our team challenges themselves every day to reach their potential, which itself creates the perfect blueprint towards our common goal.

The Journey

We are Growing every year - See our Journey Till now and Follow us to see How we become one of the Best Software Development firms in the world

Service Based Company

Our Products

A Growing list of our softwares helping businesses Grow


Chirply helps Businesses in contacting leads and Prospects with multiple touch points through Calls, SMS and Emails

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Domain Leads

Domain Leads helps businesses by providing access to a vast amount of leads for marketing their service and generate sales.

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Magic Zap

Magic Zap helps Businesses increase their Conversions rates by Personalizing, Tracking and Engaging their Website Visitors.

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Invoicing You is a simple and innovative Invoicing system helping Businesses to easily send invoices and sell products online.

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Sticky Reviews

Sticky Reviews is a Review Management tool helping Businesses collect and display reviews on their website to Increase Sales Conversions.

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Robo Contact

Robo Contact is an automation software Generating Targeted Leads based on Geographic Location with ease of use.

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Link Wizard

Link Wizard is one of the feature rich Link management tool which helps to shorten, track and optimize your links and much more.

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The Leaders who are shaping Tier5 to the best

Aunkita Nandi

Managing Director

She is the BOSS at Tier5 but not a common one you see everywhere else . You can call her as CHO (Chief Heart Officer) because she has a big HEART. She has always wanted to solve problems and she figured out that technology is one of the best options she can leverage . That's why she opened Tier5. She has helped 100+ of businesses to grow by delivering the right kind of product for the last 4 years. Right now she is working with one of the root problems in India which is education of an orphan child. She is very active on every social network. You can always get in connect with her

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Ankita Sarkar

HR Manager

She is working as the HR Manager for the last 4 years at Tier5. She is responsible for taking care of daily HR operations and Administrations of the company. She is acting as a bridge between management and employees to resolve issues and come across constructive solutions. Her focus aims at building relationships with employees and management to create a free ground of coordination. She strives to be an empathetic person rather than a sympathetic one.

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Abhisek Nikhil

Senior Recruiter

He is working as Sr. Recruiter at Tier5. He is having overall 3+ years of experience in IT recruitment. He is providing staffing services to businesses. He seeks out talent, interview candidates and assist in the hiring process. Working closely with senior management to ensure the company satisfaction.


Santanu Dhar

General Manager

He is the General manager of Tier5. In his role as GM, Santanu sets the strategic direction, making business and employee-centric decisions and focuses on ensuring the company’s sustainable growth. He is creative and broadly experienced technology executive with a proven track record of leadership through focused execution at Tier5, since February, 2016. He brings his global perspective and keen knowledge of business & technologies fueling innovation. He also ensures that all members of Tier5 are united as a family and sharing the same dream towards the long-term success for our company


Abishek Bose

Production Manager

With a proven record of 10+ years of experience managing technical teams in both corporate and start-up settings. Currently Production Manager and Senior Solution Architect & Speaker of AI, currently employed with a reputed USA based IT product development and consulting services firm Tier5. Also holding responsibilities of an Operation Manager. Possesses strong knowledge of budgeting, analytics, IT policies and methodologies, flexibility and high level of customer services. Now contributing in the field of AI. Always keen to learn new & updated technology as per market standard. Interested in working together?

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Christopher Evers

Training Manager

She has a proven record of over 16 + years of experience in different fields, be it Hiring, Retail, Quality, Training or Education. She is the Training Manager for Tier5 and the Brand Ambassador or Good Will Officer, for Tier5 Helping Hands program. Christopher is someone who loves to help people, especially the less fortunate Children. She is very active on social media; Christopher is also a part of the Human Rights for the Minority Commission. 

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Ravi Kant Sharma

Customer Support Manager

He possess 9 years of experience in various sectors with the specialization in AI, Support Engineer and Customer Services. He had given support to the US based Company like Novartis and trained all the MLS globally including the Action Coaches in his previous Organization. In his current role, he is responsible for managing a staff team, training and supporting staff members, allocating workloads and tasks and ensuring that service standards are met. Also, he has the experience of quality monitoring, assessing outcomes and devising new systems of work to improve efficiency Proficiency in process improvement, and process modeling training, process workflow development, and requirements gathering. Competent in providing process training to new employees / team members and performing quality audits with respect to the process.