Driven by passion

At Tier5, we are driven by passion to provide the finest quality of software to our
esteemed customers. Your success is our satisfaction.

The company

Tier5 is considered to be the first ever community owned and operated software development firm. We specialize in making innovative, beautiful and user-friendly products that enable the business owners to attain more clients and grow their business simultaneously.

Tier5 started its journey way back in January 2016. In a short span of time, Tier5 is serving more than 7000 customers globally with a higher growth rate. We’re headquartered in Indiana, USA with an additional office in Kolkata, India.

Our mission is to unlock the true potential of the modern technology, which will simplify our customers’ interaction with their clients, helping them to deliver quality services in a more productive manner – whenever and wherever they are required. We are determined to be one of the world’s top SaaS companies, with a leadership position in the global market.

Every company is incomplete without its employees and Tier5 is no exception. Our team is our real strength and we look forward to them to take Tier5 to its desired and deserved level of success in the global arena. Our team challenges themselves every day to reach their potential, which itself creates the perfect blueprint towards our common goal.

Our Vision

Building an educated world with the help of technology, innovation, knowledge and creativity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to explore the true power of education, leveraging technology and help the society for sustainable growth.

Core values

  • Open to learn & grow
  • Self development & evaluation
  • Customer obsession
  • Ownership
  • Invent & simplify
  • Hiring the best
  • Setting the highest standard
  • Goal - setting and meeting
  • Employees centric development
  • Earning trust
  • Deliver results
  • Humanity
  • Recognition & Appreciation

The Journey

We are Growing every year - See our Journey Till now and Follow us to see How we become one of the Best Software Development firms in the world

Our Products

A Growing list of our softwares helping businesses Grow


Chirply helps Businesses in contacting leads and Prospects with multiple touch points through Calls, SMS and Emails

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Domain Leads

Domain Leads helps businesses by providing access to a vast amount of leads for marketing their service and generate sales.

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Magic Zap

Magic Zap helps Businesses increase their Conversions rates by Personalizing, Tracking and Engaging their Website Visitors.

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Invoicing You is a simple and innovative Invoicing system helping Businesses to easily send invoices and sell products online.

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Sticky Reviews

Sticky Reviews is a Review Management tool helping Businesses collect and display reviews on their website to Increase Sales Conversions.

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Robo Contact

Robo Contact is an automation software Generating Targeted Leads based on Geographic Location with ease of use.

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Link Wizard

Link Wizard is one of the feature rich Link management tool which helps to shorten, track and optimize your links and much more.

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Friend Connector Pro

If you don't have enough time to send friend request manually, then Friend Connector Pro is the right extension to use. Add your keywords and click a button! BOOM!! All done for you automatically.

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Genius Pages

Genius Pages is the First Website and Funnel Builder Powered By TIER5

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Post Filter Pro

Post Filter Pro is used to filter out posts or ads according to user preferences. Post Filter Pro also filter posts or ads or both based on various keywords given by the use.

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Biggest Fan Pro

Biggest Fan Pro helps user to automate Facebook live video reactions and get noticed by the host.

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Unlimited Business Leads

Unlimited Business Leads helps to Get Unlimited Verified Business Leads With The Click Of A Button.

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Birthday Wisher

LEVERAGE your friends birthday to get leads and sales with just a click!!!

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Post Profits Pro

FB post engagement chrome extension. Drive Leads And Sales From Simple Facebook Posts Using Post Profits Pro.

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Easy CF Page Cloner Pro

Easy CF Page Cloner Pro helps to clone any funnel in a second.

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Groove Cloner

Groove Cloner clones any funnel in a second. Information gathering and usage.

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Engagement Monster

Discover how to effortlessly boost your organic facebook reach so you can get seen more, collect more leads, and make more sales.

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Post Scheduler


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Tweeter AI

Tweeter AI automatically create tweets based on AI and post them to your twitter account on your pre schedule time interval.

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MeFn Evan

MeFn Evan is a very first "chatbot" and broadcaster for your personal facebook profile

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Friend Disconnector

Friend Disconnector remove inactive and deactivated friends from your Facebook.

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Form Filler

Form Filler saves your time by prefilling any form on the internet with your information.

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Grammy Wammy

Grammy Wammy automates and scale your Instagram engagement and relationship management on the fly.

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Mad Ader

The Mad Ader is your solution to creating proven profitable FB ads Place the name in the body content where ever it's needed.

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner turns your posts into viral giveaways and contests to get massive engagement, leads, and sales.

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Group Monkey

Group Monkey helps you manage, grow, automate, and monetize your FB group.

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Unlimited Maps Leads

Get Unlimited Verified Maps Leads With The Click Of A Button From Google Map.

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My Simple Scripts

Save your notes and use them whenever needed!

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GruFlu GruFlu quickly finds the top influencers and top influential posts in any facebook group.

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The Leaders who are shaping Tier5 to the best

Aunkita Nandi

Managing Director

Even the greatest creations start from a small seed.
Aunkita is that seed for Tier5.
Born in a small town of West Bengal, since her childhood, she wanted to solve problems and help others. Growing up, she did exactly that. She co-founded Tier5, ideated innovative and user friendly software products, helped 100+ businesses by delivering the right kind of products for their growth.
A passionate professional and a philanthropist by heart, she endures positivity around her.
That is why, we at Tier5, lovingly call her our CHO - Chief Heart Officer.
Aunkita is a motivational speaker and recipient of multiple achievers’ awards for her contribution towards the industry and the society at large.
She is active on social network and you can get in touch with her directly.

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branding Executive

Rupanwita Roy

PR Specialist

Rupanwita is the PR Specialist of the company. Her role is to share information and inputs about Tier5 to the media and general public at large. She has more than 12 years of eexperience in the similar role. A passionate believer, Rupanwita loves to spread happiness and positivity around her.


Ankita Sarkar

HR Manager

Ankita is the peoples’ person of Tier5.
She has been an integral part of the company for the last 5 years and is responsible for taking care of daily HR operations and Administration of the company. Acting as a bridge between management and employees, coming across constructive solutions and resolving issues are the core areas of her work. She focuses on building relationships with employees and management for seamless coordination and bonding. This ever smiling lady strives to be an empathetic person rather than a sympathetic one.


Santanu Dhar

General Manager

Santanu has been with Tier5 since the very initial days. He specializes in setting the strategic direction and focuses on the sustainable growth of the company. He is creative, possesses experience and exposure in global perspective and very, very keen towards businesses and technologies fueling innovation. In short, he is the go to person for everyone at Tier5, who binds the team members of Tier5 in the same thread and ensures long term success of the company.


Abishek Bose

Sr Product Manager

Abhisek is the most composed leader of Tier5.
As the Product Manager, Senior Solution Architect and Operation Manager of the company, his major responsibilities include budgeting, design thinking, road-map, execution, data driven analytics, system design and customer obsession. With a proven track record of 12+ years, Abhisek loves to keep him updated by learning new technologies and actively contributes his knowledge in the field of Automation, Blockchain & AI.
Apart from his work, Abhisek is also known for his mentorship & witty one-liners in office.


Kaushik Dey

Talent Acquisition Manager

Kaushik is the internal search engine of Tier5.
A student of history from the University of Calcutta, Kaushik always found the spectrum of human resource interesting. So, when he pursued his career in HR & operations, his priority was to ensure that the office is a fun place to work. With a specialization in IT recruitment for more than 17 years, he knows exactly how to connect with the best talents, interviews them and assists in the overall operations of the company. He works closely with the Management and the leaders of the company to ensure the work process is absolutely seamless. This calm, composed and focused gentleman enjoys experimenting with his culinary skills and shares the outcome with everyone at the office. Kaushik is quite active in social media and an acclaimed poet of the current times.